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L-Citrulline Alpha-Ketoglutarate

Product Name:L-Citrulline Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Synonyms:L-Citrulline AKG, Citrulline AKG, AKG Citrulline, CAKG
Specification:1:1, 2:1
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Product Name
L-Citrulline Alpha-Ketoglutarate
Molecular Formula
1:1, 2:1
L-Citrulline AKG, Citrulline AKG, AKG Citrulline, CAKG
White Crystal Powder
Main Benefits
Energy Booster, Improve workout
Applied industries
Dietary supplement, Medicine

What is L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate
L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate is a fairly common ingredient in nutritional supplements made for bodybuilders. That's because the main component of the compound is citrulline, a substance which appears to be beneficial in several different ways. Citrulline itself is a nonessential amino acid which the body transforms into an essential amino acid known as arginine. If you're familiar with bodybuilding and its accompanying supplements you know that arginine is important in maximizing the workout routine. Arginine helps bodybuilders by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the system. In turn, nitric oxide increases blood flow to the muscles along with the many essential nutrients contained in the blood. By stacking specific supplements together body builders can take advantage of arginine's benefits in order to help build muscle size and a more productive post-workout recovery. This is largely the reason for including L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate as an ingredient. 
How L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate Works
Citrulline alone doesn't appear to do much in terms of building muscle mass. But with AKG added as part of the compound it's a different story. Researchers believe that AKG bonds with arganine and thus provides the nitric oxide benefits. It has been shown that introducing L-Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate into the system does indeed boost nitric oxide levels. Furthermore, the citrulline component is also utilized by the body in the proper functioning of the liver. Despite citrulline's benefits in promoting blood flow and nitric oxide levels, independent tests seem to indicate that in and of itself it does not increase athletic performance during physical exercise. This research is still a matter of some debate. Increased nitric oxide in the blood has long been assumed to help physical performance. Nonetheless, the jury is still out on the direct benefits of citrulline or L-Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate as a performance booster.
Health Benefits of L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate
Here Looking at some key findings of the health benefits of L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate as the following:
Benefits for Body Builders
There have been two significant studies regarding both citrulline and the L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate compound. The first study indicated that both substances were effective in relaxing blood vessels, thus allowing blood flow to increase.
Even without the added benefit of nitric oxide, increased blood flow is almost always beneficial when engaged in rigorous exercise. It helps to lessen fatigue, reduce the likelihood of injury, and aid in a quicker recovery.
A second test showed that using the L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate compound significantly reduced muscle fatigue during exercise. From this research it was surmised that compound also aids in muscle recovery during the immediate post-workout hours.
Interestingly, both studies seem to indicate that individuals could realize the same benefits just by eating watermelon. That's because citrulline is present in watermelon in large amounts. In fact, it was from watermelon that citrulline was first isolated by scientists in the 1930s.
Other Uses
Science has discovered that the proper use of amino acids is very effective in treating a variety of physical conditions. Where L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate is concerned, it is already being used in treatments for Alzheimer's, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, high blood pressure, and others.
L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate Side Effects
There is not enough scientific data available to indicate that regular use of L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate has any side effects. And because it is a naturally occurring amino acid that the body uses anyway, it is assumed by doctors to be completely safe in moderation. Because the substance is largely unknown in terms of side effects, doctors do warn that women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should not use supplements containing the substance.
L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate Dosage
Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding dosage instructions for L-Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, many of the supplements we found containing the substance use between 2,000 mg and 3,000 mg. The supplements were intended to be taken just prior to a workout on a daily basis.
As with any nutritional supplement, those containing L-Citrulline Alpha Ketoglutarate should be taken according to the dosage instructions on the label. Any of the ingredients in nutritional supplements can be dangerous if taken in amounts inappropriate for human consumption.
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