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Magnesium Carbonate

Product Name:Magnesium Carbonate
Synonyms:Magnesium Carbonate
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Product Name
Magnesium Carbonate
Molecular Formula
Main Benefits
Helps Prevent Migraines
Applied industries
Dietary supplement, Food Additives

What is Magnesium Carbonate
Magnesium carbonate, MgCO3, is a white solid that occurs in nature as a mineral. Magnesium carbonate is a white solid, readily found in nature as magnesite and which usually occurs in a hydrated form, clustered with water molecules. It has some industrial uses, such as in glass production, but some everyday uses as well. Magnesium carbonate is used as an oral supplement for people with low magnesium in their blood, which occurs most often when someone uses diuretics or has lost fluids through diarrhea or vomiting, for example.
How Magnesium Carbonate Works
Every organ in the body needs magnesium to function properly, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. It is particularly critical to effective heart, kidney and muscle function. Magnesium also plays a significant role in bones and teeth. However, the mineral’s most important functions are the activation of enzymes that are critical to human function, the regulation of levels of other minerals in the body and its contribution to energy production. Magnesium deficiencies are relatively rare but can occur because your diet does not contain enough foods high in magnesium or because of certain medical conditions, most notably gastrointestinal ailments that flush vital nutrients from your body. If you’re suffering from a magnesium deficiency, supplementation with magnesium carbonate will help return your body’s levels of the mineral to normal levels.
Health Benefits of Magnesium Carbonate
So far, very few scientific studies have tested the health effects of supplements containing Magnesium Carbonate. But while clinical trials are currently lacking, some preliminary research suggests that Magnesium Carbonate may offer certain health benefits. Here's look at several key findings from the available studies:
Helps Prevent Migraines
If migraines are the bane of your existence, supplementation with magnesium carbonate may help you prevent the onset of these painful headaches, according to a study conducted by researchers at the New York Headache Center. The researchers looked at foods that seem to trigger migraines as well as supplements that are effective in staving off migraine attacks. In an article in the June 2009 issue of “The Clinical Journal of Pain,” they reported that magnesium tops their list of all the supplements useful in preventing migraines. Other supplements that were deemed helpful include butterbur, feverfew, coenzyme Q10, riboflavin and alpha-lipoic acid.
Controls Phosphate Levels in Dialysis Patients
An unfortunate side effect of hemodialysis is an unhealthy buildup of phosphate levels in kidney patients undergoing the procedure. A team of Greek, Canadian and Chinese researchers studied the efficacy of magnesium carbonate as a phosphate binder in dialysis patients. Half of a study group of 46 dialysis patients received magnesium carbonate, while the other half received calcium carbonate over a period of six months. In an article in the March 2008 issue of “International Urology and Nephrology,” researchers reported that phosphate levels were significantly lower in patients receiving magnesium carbonate. They concluded that magnesium carbonate is an inexpensive and effective way to control blood phosphate levels in hemodialysis patients.
Magnesium Carbonate Side Effects
Magnesium carbonate isn't likely to cause side effects in the small amounts used in foods, but it may cause side effects in some people when used as a supplement or medication. These include nausea, diarrhea and flatulence.
Magnesium Carbonate Dosage
Generally regarded as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, magnesium carbonate can be used in both foods and medicines. It's a form of magnesium, which you need in small amounts for good health. Adults should consume between 310 and 420 milligrams per day of this essential mineral, depending on their age and gender, as it is important for forming proteins, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar and nerve and muscle function. Check with your doctor before using magnesium carbonate as a supplement to make sure this would be safe for you.
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