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Product Name:Vinpocetine
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Product Name
Molecular Formula
White crystalline powder
Main Benefits
Memory enhancer; Treatment of cerebrovascular disorders
Applied industries
Dietary supplement, Medicine

What is Vinpocetine
Vinpocetine (ethyl apovincaminate) is a semisynthetic derivative compound of the alkaloid vincamine, an extract from the periwinkle plant or Voacanga africana Stapf. Vinpocetine was first isolated from the plant in 1975 by the Hungarian chemist Csaba Szántay. Vinpocetine is proven to improve memory and cognitive brain function and is used as a drug in Eastern Europe for the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders and age-related memory impairment.
In the U.S.A, Vinpocetine sells in stores as a dietary supplement. Vinpocetine has also been identified as a potent anti-inflammatory agent that might have a potential role in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. The mechanisms of the compound increase blood flow, and there are a number of side effects of that process. For those with underlying conditions, Vinpocetine may be dangerous. It is not advisable to use this product if you are on any medication. Those with chronic health issues should only take Vinpocetine after consulting a doctor.
How Vinpocetine Works
Vinpocetine appears to have several different mechanisms of action that allow for its antioxidant, vasodilating, and neuroprotective activities.
Voltage-dependent Sodium Channel Inhibition
It has been hypothesized that vinpocetine’s application in ischemic stroke is secondary to its effect on voltage-dependant sodium channels in the brain. Inhibition of sodium channels in neural tissue is the primary mechanism of several different drugs reported to have neuroprotective effects in experimental ischemia. This action, effectively blocking accumulation of sodium in neurons, decreases the damage of reperfusion injury and may be beneficial in lessening the toxic effects of oxidative stress resulting from anoxia.
Phosphodiesterase-1 Inhibition
Vinpocetine inhibits Ca+2/calmodulin-dependent phosphodiesterase (PDE) type 1.This effect would theoretically lead to an increase of cyclic AMP over cyclic GMP and may be responsible for the benefits in cerebral circulation and decreased platelet aggregation observed after vinpocetine administration.
Antioxidant Effects
Like vitamin E, vinpocetine is an effective scavenger of hydroxyl radicals. It has also been shown to inhibit lipid peroxidation in synaptosomes of murine brain tissue and to protect against global anoxia and hypoxia in animals. Vinpocetine has decreased areas of neuronal necrosis in animal models up to 60 percent in experimentally-induced ischemia.
Other Neuroprotective Effects
Vinpocetine has been shown to protect neurons from the toxicity of glutamate and Nmethyl-d-aspartate (NMDA).14Vinpocetine lowers blood viscosity in patients with cerebrovascular disease, has significant vasodilating properties, decreases platelet aggregation, and increases and maintains erythrocyte flexibility under oxidative stress, all of which are potentially beneficial in cerebrovascular disease. Vinpocetine causes a selective increase in cerebral blood flow and increases cerebral metabolic rate.
Health Benefits of Vinpocetine
Vinpocetine Blood Pressure
Vinpocetine boosts blood flow to your brain. Vinpocetine reduces tension in blood vessels by several mechanisms; acting directly on the structure of blood vessels themselves or by inhibiting the sodium and/or calcium electrical charges that promote tension. It reduces the core inflammatory gene signal (NF-kappaB) in blood vessels, another mechanism or relieving tension. It demonstrates antioxidant protection as well. It boosts neurotransmitters involved with drive and memory, such as dopamine, nor-adrenaline, and acetylcholine. Interestingly, it increases brain metabolism by enhancing glucose uptake in brain cells leading to consequent energy production. It is fascinating that it actually helps the brain go faster while simultaneously helping the brain’s vascular system relax and flow better.
Vinpocetine Improve Cognitive Function
Vinpocetine has a considerable neuroprotective effect and helps preserve up to 50% of neurons which would be definitely lost. Furthermore, Vinpocetine increases the synthesis of several neurotransmitters which affect cerebral functions like memorisation, concentration and mood. It allows elder people to fight against memory, concentration, eyesight and hearing disorders.
Side Effects of Vinpocetine
Vinpocetine may produce side effects in some people. The most commonly reported are stomach upset, nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. In addition, it should not be taken while pregnant or nursing, by people with seizure disorders, low blood pressure, or those with a history of liver or kidney disease. Since vinpocetine has vasodilating qualities, it should not be taken with blood-thinning or antiplatelet medications, including Coumadin (warfarin), aspirin therapy, garlic, or ginkgo.
Remember do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Vinpocetine tinnitus
Within numerous studies, Vinpocetine has allowed improving the deficiencies of hearing functions as well as dizziness and loss of balance. Hearing problems are linked to ageing or to environmental aggressions have been decreased by Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is also useful in cases of sudden hearing loss paired with physiological dysfunctions.
Vinpocetine Dosage
Vinpocetine is taken in the daily dosage range of 15-60mg, divided into three daily doses with meals. The standard low dose is 5mg at each of these three meals, with 20mg at each meal being seen as the higher end of efficacy. These doses are taken for the purposes of neuroprotection, enhancing cerebral blood flow, and reducing the rate of cognitive decline.
Doses in the higher end of that range (30-45mg acute dosages) may be useful for promoting cognition and memory formation in otherwise healthy persons, but there is not a lot of evidence looking at this claim.
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