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Fumaric Acid

Product Name:Fumaric Acid
Synonyms:Fumaric Acid
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Product Name
Fumaric Acid
Molecular Formula
White Powder
Main Benefits
As a Food Additive
Applied industries
Dietary supplement, Food Additives

What is Fumaric Acid
Fumaric acid is widely found organically in nature, and it can also be synthesized. It is used commercially as an ingredient in plastic, paint and food processing. Fumaric acid is more sour than other organic food acids and is used as a flavor enhancer and a preservative in flour products, wine, candy, preserves and pie fillings, gelatin products and fruit-flavored drinks. About 33 percent of commercial fumaric acid is used in food and beverage processing. Fumaric acid is also an ingredient in diverse products such as bath salts, denture cleaners, inks and resins used in paint and building materials, according to Bartek Ingredients.
Fumaric Acid Foods
Fumaric acid is included in many dairy-based products. These include dairy drinks such as chocolate milk, cocoa, eggnog, condensed milk and whey protein beverages. It also may be added to clotted cream, milk and cream powders and milk and cream analogues (substitutes). Fumaric acid is added to cheese products, including processed cheese and cheese substitutes. Dairy-based desserts, such as pudding, flavored yogurt, sherbet and sorbet may include fumaric acid as well. Dairy fat spreads and blended spreads can include fumaric acid, and so can preserved eggs and egg-based desserts such as custard.
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