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Product Name:Beta-Phenylethylamine
Synonyms:2-phenylethanamine, PEA, 1-amino-2-phenylethane
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Product Name
Molecular Formula
2-phenylethanamine, PEA, 1-amino-2-phenylethane
White crystalline powder
Main Benefits
Neurotransmitter, Stimulant, Lose weight, Anti-depressant
Applied industries
Dietary supplement, Medicine

What is Beta-Phenylethylamine
Phenethylamine (PEA) or β-phenethylamine is an organic compound and a natural monoamine alkaloid, a trace amine, and also the name of a class of chemicals with many members that are well known for their psychoactive and stimulant effects. It is biosynthesized from the amino acid L-phenylalanine by enzymatic decarboxylation via the enzyme aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase. In addition to its presence in mammals, Phenethylamine is found in many other organisms and foods, such as chocolate.
Phenylethylamine, is a substance best known for its natural occurrence in the nervous system of humans and other mammals, where it is believed to act as a neurotransmitter or neuromodulator. It has stimulant effects and is important to the neurochemistry of infatuation and romantic love. There are also large numbers of derivatives of Phenylethylamine, many of which are used medically or recreationally.
How Beta-Phenylethylamine Works
Phenylethylamine functions as a neuromodulator or neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. It stimulates the release of greater amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine is strongly tied to sexual drive, feelings of pleasure, and the brain's reward system. Norepinephrine causes heightened attention and increased heart rate and is closely tied to the fight-or-flight response. Together, these neurochemicals result in many of the feelings associated with romantic love, including sexual desire, giddiness or euphoria, and nervousness.
Health Benefits of Beta-Phenylethylamine
1) Phenylethylamine is sold as a dietary supplement for purported mood and weight loss-related therapeutic benefits.
2) Phenylethylamine plays a prominent role in the feelings of infatuation.
3) Phenylethylamine causes the release of norephinephrine and dopamine in the human brain.
4) Phenylethylamine plays a role in feelings of sexual desire.
Side Effects of Beta-Phenylethylamine
Phenylethylamine side effects have been suggested -heartburn, nausea, constipation and mild headaches. Less common but serious Phenylethylamine side effects include insomnia, confusion, dizziness, intense headache, tightness or sharp pain in the chest.
Beta-Phenylethylamine Dosage
The recommended Phenylethylamine dosage is 300 mg per day. Phenylethylamine may also be taken with other fat burning supplements. It is not advised to exceed more than 1000 mg per day. If any side effects are observed, cut back the dosage or discontinue for a period of time.
Where to buy high quality Beta-Phenylethylamine
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