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Phosphatidic Acid

Product Name:Phosphatidic Acid
Specification:50% Min HPLC
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Product Name
Phosphatidic Acid
Botanical Source
Glycine max Merr..
Light Yellow to Brown Yellow Fine Powder
Main Benefits
Muscle Growing
Applied Industries
Sports Nutrition, Diatary Supplements

What is Phosphatidic Acid
Phosphatidic Acid is a phospholipid, a diglyceride fat with a phosphate group bonded to the glycerol backbone. Phospholipids are a major constituent of cell membranes, and influence a number of mechanisms in cell metabolism.
How Phosphatidic Acid Works
Scientists have identified a protein named “mammalian target of rapamycin” — or mTOR for short — as a key regulator of this muscle growth. Phosphatidic Acid allows the body to engage in increased levels of mTOR Synthesis. When we train, particularly resistance type training, we create a ‘muscular overload’ situation that causes the muscles to ‘adapt’. Of course, it is accepted that elevated protein consumption will aid this process. Now imagine we have the ability by supplementing with PA to increase the uplift and adaption (MPS) of our higher protein diets by up to 51%!
Health Benefits of Phosphatidic Acid
The interest in supplementation with PA stems from its role as stimulator of the mTOR pathway, which is also the same mechanism by which leucine and protein stimulate muscle growth. To date there have been two studies exploring the effect of supplemental PA on the response to a periodised resistance training program. One study conducted by researchers from Florida found that supplementing with PA in conjunction with a 4-day per week resistance training program over 8 weeks lead to a 12.7% increase in squat strength and a 2.6% increase in lean body mass, while subjects consuming placebo showed a 9.3% improvement in squat strength and a 0.1% change in lean body mass.
The second study was conducted at the same institution but by different researchers and involved 28 subjects with an average age of 21 who also took part in an 8 week periodised resistance training program where they trained 3 times per week2. Compared with placebo, subject receiving PA exhibited a significant increase in lean body mass (+2.4 kg), cross sectional area (+1.0 cm), and leg press strength (+51.9 kg) over placebo.
In summary these two studies suggest that 8 weeks of supplementation with PA is likely to be beneficial in increasing lower body strength and lean body mass.
Phosphatidic Acid Side Effects
For now, Phosphatidic Acid has no known side effects whatsoever. But as with all supplements, you want to err on the side of caution and not abuse it. So, stick to the required dosages for maximum results. So, until a concrete clinical study or trial has been carried out on humans to determine if it would produce the same results, it is better to assume that more is not necessarily the best.
Dosage of Phosphatidic Acid
A side note right here, is that based totally on many anecdotal debts, there have been reports of increase muscle fullness and electricity profits when supplementing up to 1.5-2g phosphatidic acid.
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